(SPOILER) 2×09 “Queen of Hearts” Recap/Review

January 5, 2013 | Listed Under: Uncategorized

This recap includes spoilers and if you have not viewed the episode, then please don’t read any further!

Fairytale Land Flashback

The episode begins in Fairytale Land flashback, and Hook breaks into the cell where the Queen is holding Belle captive. Hook tells Belle her father is being attacked by the beast that took her captive (Rumplestiltskin). Hook questions Belle about a weapon that can be used to kill him. Belle says she has not heard of such weapon, nor would she ever kill Rumple. Hook decides Belle is useless and leaves her trapped in Regina’s tower.

Meanwhile, Hook and Regina meet. She tells him that Belle cannot help him kill Rumple, but that she can, if Hook does something for her. Regina tells Hook how she plans to enact a curse to send everyone to a land without magic. There, Hook can kill “The Dark One” without needing a magical weapon. Regina tells Hook that she does not want one person following her to the new land- her mother, Cora. Regina then instructs Hook to kill Cora.

Regina then enchants Killian Jones’ hook which will allow him to rip out one heart. She instructs him to bring her mother back. Regina prepares to send Hook to Wonderland through the Mad Hatter’s Hat. Remember, if one goes in, one comes back. In this case, two go through, two go back. Regina sends Hook through the hat with the body of a guard who Hook had killed.

Hook arrives in Wonderland are discovers that Cora is the Queen of Hearts. Hook attempts to rip out Cora’s heart, but she has hidden her heart somewhere else. Hook then tells Cora that Regina sent him to Wonderland to kill her. Cora grabs Hook’s heart, but spares his life, because Regina will know if Cora takes his heart.

Cora tells Hook that after Regina’s curse is enacted and he is in the new world, he won’t remember who he is. How can he kill Rumple if he doesn’t remember? Cora bargains with Hook and promises that Hook will remember everything.

Hook delivers Cora’s body to Regina. Regina tells her “dead” mother that she loves her too much and because of that she can’t take her to the new world after the curse is enacted. Cora decides not to kill Regina. She then decides to put a protective spell on a portion of the land to shield it from Regina’s curse. Cora knows the curse will eventually be broken, and when it does, Regina will lose everything and need her mother’s help. And Hook will get his turn to kill Rumple.

 Present Day Storybrook & Fairytale Land

In Storybrooke, Regina and Mr.Gold discuss David’s current condition. With David still under the sleeping curse, they do not know if his message to Mary Margaret was ever delivered. Rumple suspects that Cora will be coming through the portal soon. He tells Regina that the portal must be destroyed and that whoever comes through it will die. Regina asks what if it will be Mary Margaret and Emma who come through the portal. Rumple says it’s a win-win situation. If Cora comes through, Regina will be rid of her mother. If Snow and Emma come through, then Regina goes back to being the only mother in Henry’s life. Rumple deviously mentions that if “something were to go wrong” while trying to help bring Snow and Emma back, that Henry couldn’t be mad at Regina for that. Regina tells Rumple that she is trying to be a better mother and she can’t’ lie to Henry. Rumple says that Cora will not only be a threat to Regina, but also to Henry. Mr. Gold suggests that Regina will be a better mother by closing the portal.

Back in present day fairytale land, Snow, Emma, Mulan and Aurora find Rumple’s cell. Snow tells Emma that this is where Rumple told her and Charming that their unborn child would be the savior. The “sheros” search the cave for the squid ink, but only find a note. It is a note Rumple wrote while he was imprisoned in the cave. On the note is written “Emma” hundreds of times. Cora, with the help of Aurora (well- Aurora’s heart) trap the sheros in Rumple’s cell. Emma begs Hook to let her go and he shows her and old bean that once had magic, which he took from the Giant’s castle. Hook and Cora leave with the compass. Emma said she doesn’t feel like a savior, she feels that she is just a pawn, that Rumple had her life mapped out before she was born.

Cora and Hook arrive at Lake Nostos (which is dried up), whose waters once had the ability to bring back what was lost. Cora then uses magic and finds water in the lake. Snow realizes that Emma’s name is written in squid ink on the scroll. She blows on the scroll and the letters fade off and open the gate. *Rumple had the ability to escape his cell long ago, but why didn’t he take the chance? Aurora insists that she be tied up and stay back, since she can’t be trusted now that Cora has her heart.

In Storybrooke, Henry is reading his storybook to David. Regina tells Henry that she and Mr. Gold are going to “prepare” for Emma and Mary Margaret’s arrival. Regina and Mr.Gold go to the mines and with the aid of a dead fairy’s wand, retrieve fairy dust needed for their plan. When Ruby and the dwarves discover the diamonds are gone, they rush to tell Henry. Henry learns that his mother lied to him and they go to search for Gold and Regina.

Gold and Regina go to the well and begin the spell. Henry and Ruby arrive, but they are too late. Henry tries to make his mom stop the curse, but she is too afraid of Cora coming through. Regina then has a change of heart and removes the spell.

At Lake Nostos, Hook pours the wardrobe ashes into the whirpool of water Cora created. As Hook is about to use the compass, it is shot out of his hand by Snow. A battle begins and in the midst of the fight, Hook gives Aurora’s heart back. Mulan takes the heart and leaves to return it to Aurora. Emma gets the compass from Hook and knocks him out. Emma and Snow take on Cora. As Cora is about to rip out Snow’s heart, Emma pushes Snow out of the way and Cora grabs Emma’s heart. Cora is unable to rip out Emma’s heart and a flash of magic knocks her down and opens the path to the portal. Snow and Emma grab the compass and leap into the portal.

Emma and Snow climb through the portal and reunite with Henry and Regina. Snow rushes to find David and wakes him up from the sleeping curse with a kiss. They found each other!

At the pawn shop, Emma confronts Mr. Gold about the squid ink, claiming he could have escaped anytime. He claimed that is where he wanted to be. He tells Emma that he created the curse, but he didn’t create Emma, he merely took advantage of what she was- a product of true love. Therefore everything she has don’t, she did herself. Emma tells Gold how Cora tried to rip out her heart. Gold states that it was magic and that Emma did that herself. Snow, Charming, Emma, Henry and the gang celebrate their return with dinner at Granny’s.

Back in Fairytale Land, Mulan gives Aurora her heart back. Aurora tells Mulan that Cora said that they may be able to save Phillip. Hook comes up with a clever plan to use the bean and the magic powers of Lake Nostos to travel to Storybrooke. The episode ends with Cora and Hook sailing on a ship into Storybrooke.

**Once Upon a Time returns January 6, 2013 at 8pm with an all NEW episode!

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(SPOILER) 2×08 “Into the Deep” Recap/Review

December 2, 2012 | Listed Under: Uncategorized

**This recap includes spoilers and if you have not viewed the episode, then please don’t read any further!

The episode begins and we see Captain Hook climbing down the beanstalk. He makes it back to land and is met by Cora. She is not happy that Hook had betrayed her, and she decides to retrieve the compass herself and leave him in Fairytale land while she travels to Storybrooke. Hook is mad because he wants to go to Storybrooke and seek revenge on Rumple. Cora then disappears and goes to her heart collection. She picks a heart out of its box and blow on it, which causes other boxes to open. Cora then commands the dead from the village to rise and come back as “zombies.”

 Emma shows Aurora a picture of Henry to confirm it was he who she saw in her dream. Snow tells Aurora that she has traveled to the burning red room when she was under her sleeping curse. The “sheros” decide that Aurora must ask Henry to talk to Rumplestiltskin next time she falls asleep and dreams.

Henry wakes up in Storybrooke and announces that Snow and Emma are alive. He said they need help to bring down Cora, and Regina is not thrilled by the news of her mother. Henry tells Regina and David that they need Rumple’s help to return back to Storybrooke. Regina talks to Rumple, who is eating lunch with Belle at Granny’s. She tells him that Cora is trying to make her way to Storybrooke and he agrees to help.

A bed is set up in Mr.Gold’s pawn shop for Henry to sleep. Rumple tells the story of when Charming and Snow stunned Rumple by using a magic quill. Rumple reveals, that in fact it wasn’t the quill that stunned him, but the ink. The ink is from a rare squid and Rumple has a supply in the cell where Snow and Charming locked him up. Rumple tells Henry that the ink is the key to help Snow and the gang, and that he must deliver the message to Aurora.

Henry drifts off to sleep and meets Aurora in the red room. He tries to tell her about the ink, but the flames were too large and there was a voice calling Aurora’s name. Aurora is then sucked out of the dream, and wakes up to Mulan shaking her and calling her name. The “sheros” are under attack by Cora’s zombies. Snow and Emma fight them off, while Mulan and Aurora run into the woods. Mulan is then attacked by the zombies, who take Aurora. Mulan then reunites with Snow and Emma.

Cora locks Aurora in her dungeon. She tries to get Aurora to tell her information by persuading Aurora that Prine Phillip can be brought back to life. Aurora doesn’t believe Cora, and Cora then knocks Aurora out. Aurora is later awakened by Hook, who frees her and tells Aurora to tell Emma that their previous deal regarding transport to Storybrooke still stands.  

 Cora sends a messenger bird to Snow and Emma, which tells them that they have until sundown to trade the compass for Aurora or Aurora will be killed. Mulan wants to make the trade, but Emma and Snow try to come up with a plan. They decide to send Snow into the dream using sleeping powder. This way Snow can get Henry’s message and find out what they need to do to stop Cora.

Henry wakes up inStorybrooke with severe burns on his arms. Rumple heals his burns and reveals to Henry that when one is abruptly awakened from the dream (like Aurora was) it causes him to get burned. Regina and David agree that it is too dangerous to send Henry back, so David volunteers, thinking Snow will go under as well. However, putting David under the sleeping curse, there is a possibility he might never wake up. David explains that when he meets Snow in the dream, she will kiss him and wake him up.

Snow and David meet in the dream and he tells Snow about the ink. David then jumps through the flames to kiss Snow. As they are about to kiss, Snow begins to fade, realizing she is waking up. David can’t get his kiss from Snow! She promises to return to Storybrooke to wake him up.

Snow wakes up and tells Emma what happened. Then they discover that Mulan had run off. They catch up to her in the woods, and Snow tackles Mulan. Aurora arrives in time to break up the fight. Aurora tells Emma how Hook helped her escape and how Emma should have trusted him. Aurora then asks what they need to do to stop Cora, and we see Cora holding a heart speaking the same words as Aurora. Cora has Aurora’s heart!

The “sheros” then begin their journey to Rumple’s jail cell, with Cora watching their every move.

 **The Winter finale of Once Upon a Time airs Sunday December 2, 2012 on ABC at 8pm.

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Once Upon a Time 2.09 “Queen of Hearts” Winter Finale Sneak Peeks

December 1, 2012 | Listed Under: Uncategorized

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Once Upon a Time 2.09 “Queen of Hearts” Winter Finale Promo

November 27, 2012 | Listed Under: Uncategorized

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(SPOILER) 2×07 “Child of the Moon” Recap/Review

November 13, 2012 | Listed Under: Uncategorized

This recap includes spoilers and if you have not viewed the episode, then please don’t read any further!

The episode opens and the seven dwarves aka “Team 7” are working hard in the mines, trying to find fairy dust. They then discover tons of diamonds, which can be ground into fairy dust! Once they make the dust, it can be used along with Jefferson’s hat for Charming to go find Snow and Emma!

The dwarves, Charming, and Red celebrate with drinks at Granny’s. There, Charming runs into Spencer, aka “King George.” King George is still trying to seek revenge on Charming for not marrying King Midas’ daughter and uniting the kingdoms. Charming tells King George that he’s not afraid and is ready to take him on. Red, gets hit on by Gus, the mouse who lived in Cinderella’s castle. Red denies his date offer, with the help of nearby Belle, because it is a full moon and it’s “wolf’s time.”

Red is nervous because this is the first full moon since the curse was broken. She worries she will give into the wolf and hurt someone. Red hasn’t found her red hood, which protects her from turning into a wolf, so Granny locks her up in the back of the diner.

Flashback to fairytale land, and we see Red and Snow running from soldiers. It’s the night of a full moon and Red decides to go into the woods to turn and tells Snow to find shelter. They agree to meet up in the morning at the stream.

The next morning at the stream, while Red is waiting for Snow, she meets Quinn, a fellow wolf. He takes her back to the pack’s underground hideout, which used to be a room in the castle before it sunk underground. Quinn introduces Red to Anita, her mother. Turns out Granny was lying to Red all these years about her parents being killed by hunters.

We get to see Henry’s nightmare which has been keeping him up at night. He is in a flaming room, with red curtains on fire and sees a woman across the room. Henry is then awakened by Regina, who came to watch over Henry since Charming got a call about sheriff business. Regina then discovers a burn on Henry’s hand! It is quite possible that his burn is related to his dream. Rumplestiltskin aka “Mr.Gold” stops by for a house call to help out with Henry and his nightmares. Rumple tells Henry that his dream is sort of a limbo state, halfway between life and death, where souls of those who have been put under a sleeping curse go while sleeping. (Remember: Henry ate the poison apple turnover at the end of last season, and was spelled into the same sleeping curse that Snow White was under.) Gold gives Henry an amulet filled with some magic potions. Henry is told to wear the amulet while sleeping and he can control the dream. Surprisingly, Mr.Gold gives this to Henry for free.

Red wakes up in the woods, claiming to have blacked out the previous night. Charming and Granny discover her in the woods, along with dead bodies at the docks. The three investigate and find that Gus is among the dead at the docks. Red thinks she did this, because she can’t control her wolf side. She tells Charming that it’s her fault and she needs to be locked up.

Charming decides to lock Red up in the jail cell at the sheriff’s station. King George shows up and tells Charming that Red is a monster and that she must be stopped. King George forms an angry mob and later returns to the station, where Red is missing.

Red decided to move her chains to the library, with the help of Belle. Red thinks she will just escape again, and chains up Belle. Red decides to leave and wolf out, sacrificing herself so she can never hurt anyone again.

Back in fairytale land, Red is taught to embrace her inner wolf in order to learn to control her wolf side. Snow discovers the wolf pack hideout and then soldiers appear, having followed Snow. Quinn is killed, and Anita is mad about Snow leading the soldiers to their hideout. She threatens to kill Snow, but Red wolfs out, protecting Snow and ends up killing her mother.

In Storybrooke, King George is leading an angry mob to hunt Red, who is running around in wolf form. Granny and Charming show up to try and stop him. Charming reveals that King George stole Red’s hood, and killed the people at the docks to try and frame Red. Charming then approaches the wolf and calms her. Charming puts the red hood over the wolf, turning Red back into human form.

King George and Charming meet, and George tells Charming that he wants to see the look on his face when he tells Charming that he will never see his wife or daughter again. King George then throws Jefferson’s hat in to the fire burning beside him, and Charming pulls out his gun. Red shows up and convinces Charming not to kill King George. Without Jefferson’s hat, Charming will be unable to travel between dimensions to find Snow and Emma.

Henry has his nightmare again, and while wearing his amulet, he controls the dream by putting out the fire. He speaks to the woman in the corner, who turns out to be Aurora. In fairytale land, Aurora wakes up from the same nightmare, and tells Snow and Emma that the boy in the dream said his name was Henry! Could Henry and Aurora’s dream be the key to returning Snow and Emma to Storybrooke?

**REMINDER: There is no OUAT next week!  An all NEW episode will air Sunday November 25, 2012 at 8pm on ABC.

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Once Upon a Time 2.08 “Into the Deep” Promo

November 12, 2012 | Listed Under: Uncategorized

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(SPOILER) 2×06 “Tallahassee” Recap/Review

| Listed Under: Uncategorized

This recap includes spoilers and if you have not viewed the episode, then please don’t read any further! 

The episode begins and we see Emma, Snow, Mulan, Aurora and Hook at the bottom of a giant beanstalk. Hook tells what really happened in the beanstalk story- Jack fought the giants, and the giants destroyed all the magic portal beans. However, Hook explains that one giant survived, and he lives at the top of the beanstalk where the magic compass is they need to find. The beanstalk is spelled to prevent intruders. The group argues over who should climb the beanstalk, as Cora has made a counter spell, allowing two people to climb the beanstalk. It is decided that Hook and Emma will make the journey to retrieve the compass needed to help them return to Storybrooke.  Emma tells Mulan to give her 10 hours and if she doesn’t return, to chop down the beanstalk and get Snow safely back to Storybrooke.

The story flashes back 11 years ago to Portland, Oregon where we see Emma steal a yellow VW Beetle. As she is driving off, she is startled by a man in the backseat, who introduces his name is Neal Cassidy. Neal tells her it is a stolen car and Emma realizes she stole a stolen car. The two hit it off very well.

Hook and Emma climb the beanstalk and he begins analyzing her asking her if she’s ever been in love, and she says no. They reach the top of the beanstalk and Hook realizes Emma has cut her hand. He bandages it up for her, and she notices his tattoo of Milah. Emma realizes Milah was the love Hook lost and that Rumplestiltskin was the one to take her from him. Emma admits to Hook that she was once in love.

Back in Portland, Neal and a pregnant Emma walk into a convenience store. Neal begins asking the clerk directions, while Emma walks up and down the aisles and steals various items. Neal pockets a candy bar and a customer sees him. Emma begins faking labor and she and Neal run out of the store and get away. Emma reveals her pregnant belly was just her knapsack of stolen goods. Emma and Neal later sneak into a motel room after a family leaves and they make use of the empty room. Neal tells Emma he thinks it’s time they settle down and tells her to point to a place on the map and that’s where they will go. She points to Tallahassee.

Meanwhile in Fairytale land, Mulan makes a sundial to keep track of time. Snow decided to take first shift and stay awake, while Mulan and Aurora get some sleep. Aurora then wakes up from a nightmare and Snow asks her to tell her about it. Aurora tells Snow how in her dream she is in a red room, with no doors or windows, and the curtains are on fire. She is huddled in the corner and sees another person across the room. Snow promises Aurora the nightmares will fade, like they did for her after being spelled with the sleeping curse.

 In Portland, Neal shows Emma a wanted poster with his face on it. He tells Emma he stole $20,000 worth of watches from a jewelry store in Phoenix and that they are in a locker at a train station in Portland. He tells Emma he can’t go to Tallahassee and that is going to Canada alone, not wanting to risk Emma’s safety. Emma tells Neal that she will get the watches back so they can go to Tallahassee.

At the top of the beanstalk, Emma and Hook lure out the giant, rendering him unconscious with some poppy flower dust that Mulan gave Emma. Hook and Emma search the giant’s lair for the compass, and see Jack’s skeleton along with his sword. Eventually the giant awakens and comes searching for them. The giant comes running and causes some debris to fall on Hook, trapping him. The giant grabs Emma. She explains to him that she needs the compass to find her son, but the giant is not sympathetic because of what the humans did to the giant population. Emma bites the giant’s thumb and he drops her. She runs and cuts the trip wire with Jack’s sword, causing a cage to fall on the giant. Emma tells the giant to hand over the compass, and he refuses, thinking she will kill him either way. The giant tells Emma how humans killed his kind and destroyed their beans, which doesn’t match the story Hook told! Emma tells the giant that all humans are not killers. The giant then surrenders the compass and breaks out of his cage. He then breaks a hole in the wall for Emma so she can leave. Emma rescues Hook from the debris he was stuck under and then cuffs him to the wall. Hook claims he has been honest with her, but Emma is still wary of Hook and does not want to take the risk. She tells Hook that the giant probably won’t kill him and that he is giving her a 10 hour head start. 

In Portland, Emma goes to the locker at the train station and carefully retrieves the watches. Neal is going to fence the watches and says he will meet up with her later that night and then they will make their way to Tallahassee. He gives Emma one watch for her to keep track of time. Neal leaves with the other watches and is chased by a mysterious man. The man then catches up to Neal and reveals himself to be August! He tells Neal he has been watching out for Emma for the past two years, and that if she goes to Tallahassee she can’t follow her destiny. August asks Neal if he believes in magic and then shows him something inside a case to convince him. What did August show him? August wins over Neal’s attention and August tells Neal about the curse that needs to be broken.

At the meeting spot, Emma is waiting for Neal to arrive. She tries calling his cell phone, but his phone is disconnected. Then a cop shows up and tells her that he received a tip about the watches at the train station and was told to check the security cameras. Emma is forced to hand over the watch she has on and is arrested.

 August and Neal meet. August tells Neal that Emma got 11 months minimum security. Neal feels bad it isn’t him doing the time, and he gave August the money from fencing the watches and tells him to give the money to Emma. Neal also told August to give Emma the yellow VW bug, which he got a clean VIN number for. August tells Neal that if Emma breaks the curse he will send him a postcard. **Remember the man in the Season 2 premiere who received a postcard. That was Neal!

In Phoenix, Emma receives a package with the car keys inside. She also sits in her cell holding a positive pregnancy test.

At the base of the beanstalk, the ten hours are up that Emma gave Mulan as her time limit. Mulan begins to chop down the beanstalk, and Snow tackles her to try and stop her. Then Emma returns, and tells the girls that they have a 10 hour head start.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry wakes up screaming during the night and Charming comes running to his bedside rescue. Henry says he had a nightmare and describes his nightmare to Charming. Henry has been having the same nightmare as Aurora! Charming then lights a candle to make the bad dreams go away, which is the same thing he would do for Snow when she had her nightmares.





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‘Once Upon a Time’: Meghan Ory Talks Ruby’s Inner Beast, Entertains Captain Hook Romance

November 9, 2012 | Listed Under: Uncategorized

“It’s not a very good day for Ruby, let’s put it that way,” Ory said of the confrontation. “Her greatest fear is that she’s hurt somebody and now people are blaming her for it and she doesn’t really know what to do.”

Though many would be quick to point out all the negative the curse had brought to Storybrooke, in Ruby’s case, it could be argued that it was a blessing in disguise. “The curse was bad but in some ways it was great for Ruby because she didn’t have to deal with this other part of her that is now potentially coming back,” Ory explained of her character’s Jekyll and Hyde ways. “Figuring out how to deal with this and the possibility that this is a monthly thing in Storybrooke and what that’s going to mean for her and her friends, that’s definitely her biggest challenge.” Read more…

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Once Upon A Time 2.07 “Child of the Moon” Sneak Peeks

| Listed Under: Uncategorized

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Once Upon a Time 2.07 “Child of the Moon” Promo

November 5, 2012 | Listed Under: Uncategorized

Be careful… major spoilers below.

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